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Buying a New Home

Your new house is one of the biggest financial investments you'll ever make. With our help, it can also be your wisest. Working with professionals at IR Homes, you’ll be satisfied when buying your brand new property. Our goal is on providing all of our clients with an affordable, complete turn-key house and land package built to meet your specifications.

Here’s our process in a nutshell:

Initial Appointment

At IR Homes, we understand that each and every owner or investor has unique needs. For this reason, we take the time to understand what you want to achieve so that the final result truly reflects your needs and desires and gives you 100% satisfaction.

We will ask you many questions, after all, purchasing and developing property is an extremely significant endeavour in life, and it’s important to choose the right new home product so that everything goes smoothly first time around.

Debrief on Property Information

As you compare your property options, we will make sure you have all the important details presented, including property details, neighbourhood, zoning, and any known development plans for adjacent properties so you can make an informed buying decision.

The Decision Is In Your Court

Many new home purchases or new home constructions include a labour-intensive negotiating process on your behalf. This doesn’t intimidate us here at IR Homes. We will represent you through negotiating processes, financing meetings, property inspections, and any legal proceedings to get you the best deal possible.

Get the Best Deal That Meets Your Needs

Working with a dedicated IR Homes professional on your next home purchase or new build construction project will save you time and add professional assurance to every step of the process.

With the guarantee of a solid knowledge about your investment, the decision could also make you more wealthy when it's time to sell or leverage to build your portfolio.

Building a New Home

When you're ready to embark on the journey of building your new property, the team at IR Homes are here to help.

We know how to get your new home built on time, with the correct specifications, and to meet your budget requirements.

Here's our process:

1. Initial Appointment

There are many options for building your home, from house and land packages and project homes to custom-built properties or DIY kit homes. Each has its own benefits, disadvantages and costs, so it’s important to work out the timeframe you want to buy in, where you want to live, what you can afford to pay, and which build options best suit your needs.

2. Find your land

If you do not have an existing block, IR Homes can help you to find a block of land that is compatible with want you want to build if you so choose.

Please Note Well: That the block you select can have a significant impact on building costs, so it’s a good idea to retain IR Homes to inspect the site BEFORE you commit to buying the land to make sure it fits with your chosen building design.

3. Choosing the right builder

It’s important to spend time finding the right builder for your project. As builders agents we will approach our builders to ensure the contract they provide covers everything you want and agree to a timeline for completion.

4. Apply for a CONSTRUCTION home loan

Staying on top of your finances is key to the successful construction of your home. Work out how much it’s likely to cost and make sure you have your home loan approval in place before you begin.

Find out how much deposit you’ll need to pay and get your solicitor or conveyancer to check your contract and see how progress payments will be determined.

Before you apply for a home loan make sure you consider all the additional costs such as stamp duty, legal fees, third party professional fees, and any other costs associated with your loan.

5. Sign the contract ONLY after you are completely satisfied with it

Once you’ve agreed to the selected builder's terms and specifications, review the contract carefully with IR Homes in conjunction with your professional advisors (Solicitor/ Accountant/Financial Advisor).

Many common building mistakes are due to clerical errors in the contract, so make sure you feel confident in signing the documents as making any changes after the contract has been signed can be costly.

You may like to get (as additional measure) your own insurance before construction begins, to protect your land, the new property, and the safety of people visiting the site.

6. Monitor the build

It’s important to stay connected with IR Homes at every stage of construction, so you can make sure it stays on time and on budget.

You may like to keep a diary to record important details of the project in writing, such as discussions with the builder, updates on progress, weather, copies of letters and notices, as well as photos of the site throughout the project.

7. Complete the handover

Around a week after practical completion of the house, you should be ready to collect the keys, make any final payments, and move in.

In your new home owners handover pack you should receive a copy of all relevant warranties and certificates as per your contract.

Make sure you have the builder’s written authority that the building is completed and safe to move into.

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At IR Homes our goal is in providing all of our clients ...

  • An affordable, complete turn-key house and land package to the residential housing market, built on time and to budget, or
  • To get your new home project built on time, with the correct specifications, and to budget on your land or land we help source for you.