New Home Loans &/or Home Loan Re-Financing

Home Loans have become more complicated and time consuming to secure these days. Some banks may take up to 30 business days just to pick up an application to assess it for approval.

Other banks have changed their lending criteria to make it really difficult to just qualify for a home loan, as they seek only to lend to people in really good jobs or in great financial positions? 

There is now definitely a “Lending Scale” that all banks and lenders use to qualify their preferred applicants. Where do you fit on this Scale? How do you know the bank or lender you chose is actually in a position to help you, with their own restricted guidelines? 

RedCap Finance Brokers has access to all our banks and Lenders guidelines (over 120 banks & Lenders) and can quickly advise which bank or lender is more suited to your current financial position and requirements, increasing your chances of a successful finance application.

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Car & Vehicle Finance

People normally only think of a few banks that might be able to provide the finance they need for their next vehicle purchase, when in fact, we have over 50 different Banks and Lenders to choose from on our panel of vehicle financiers with hundreds of different types of facilities which increases your chances of a successful application. Before you speak with a car yard about their finance options, speak with us! We are the experts in finance, the car yards are experts at selling cars.

RedCap Finance Brokers can organise finance for cars, trucks, bob cats, tractors, and cranes – almost anything!

Business owners with ABN’s have access to our self-certified less hassle business loans at low interest rates, while every day customers & consumers enjoy an extensive choice based on their personal financial situation. Even if you have impaired credit (credit defaults) RedCap Finance Brokers may also have a solution for you!


Business & Commercial Finance

Getting the right finance quickly for your business is very important.

There are a Variety of Loans available, like...

  • Business Establishment finance
  • Security for business and commercial loans
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Overdraft
  • Property development finance
  • Business loans /Line of credit/ Term loans
  • Cash flow finance
  • Hire Purchase
  • Chattel mortgage
  • FAST Unsecured business loans
  • FAST secured business loans
  • Leasing finance
  • Buying or Selling a Business
  • Shop Fitting Finance
  • Business Equipment Finance

It is now a lot easier to get the business finance you need quickly – at RedCap Finance Brokers!​

Business & Commercial Loans. 

Get the right deal for your circumstances - easier.

Bad Credit Finance

Can't Get Finance?

Let RedCap Finance Brokers do the heavy lifting for you

Well, we have some good news for you....

We speak to so many people each week who have spoken to their current or preferred bank about getting a loan or to re-finance, just to be told they just don't meet the current lending criteria or that they can't borrow the amount they need!

​Don't despair...

RedCap Finance Brokers has so many links to other banks, lending institutions, and private lenders that may look at your situation differently.

Not all Banks have the same lending criteria and all lending institutions have a different idea of their preferred customer. RedCap Finance Brokers has the experience and the software platform to link you with a lender who actually WANTS your business.

If you are looking for a loan and you fall into one of these categories,-

  • Self Employed with hard to verify income?
  • Bad Credit (A credit default or Judgement)?
  • Ex-Bankrupt?
  • Income a bit too low?
  • A small Deposit or No deposit?
  • Your bank has said NO?
  • or You just don't know where to start or go to...

Then you need to contact us NOW!

RedCap Finance Brokers can organise finance for you!

RedCap Finance Brokers

We can help people with any type of finance, no matter where you live, or what you do for a living - because our experience and software platforms are quite extensive.

"The times they are a changing" in the Australian economy and along with it, the finance industry in particular. We have found that 4 out of every 10 people that were approved for a loan 12 months ago, would not qualify for the same loan today!

The way loan applications are assessed has changed and consumers are now really assessed on a scale of risk and suitability.

  • So where do you “sit” on this scale?
  • Do you know what your new credit score is?
  • Do you know what the lending parameters are for the loan you are about to apply for, at your local bank?
  • What options are available to you, based on where you sit on this ever-changing scale?

These days, it is not so much about getting the best interest rate, as we have found that those rates are reserved for around 30% of applicants who find themselves at the good end of the scale.  We can certainly help people that are in a great financial position to get the best finance available, but we are also well positioned to help the other 70% of people who sit right along the sliding scale.

We represent over 115 different banks, non-banks, credit unions, and private Lenders on a variety of platforms which enables us to quickly analyse your financial position to find the right fit for you on the sliding scale.

As experienced Credit Advisors, our advice is FREE to you, the consumer, as the lenders pay us if we submit a loan to them that settles.

If your situation requires business advice, additional consulting, or specialised loan preparation, we may charge you a fee, however, this will be discussed with you prior to any loan application paperwork being done.

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