To own your own home - it’s the great Australian dream. With around two-thirds of the Australian population either holding a mortgage or owning their home outright - it demonstrates that the Australian Dream is very much alive and well.

With experience as homeowners, record low interest rates, and strong capital growth over the last 25 years – many Australians see housing as a great investment choice in their future.

So the question that needs to be asked is…why do only 8.6% of Australians own an additional property as a way to create additional family wealth?

The answer for many people is...

  • they just don’t know how to get started
  • they are afraid to step out and learn something new.
  • they have had past failures and don't know if they can start again.
  • they have heard horror stories about rental properties and it is too much for them to handle and potential problems.

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Here's A Brief Overview Of What You'll Learn

Discover The #1 Time-Tested Property Investment Strategy. This proven method is so simple, it practically runs itself. The best part is, almost anyone can use it!

Find Out If You Qualify To Purchase A Property With $0 Upfront Cash Deposit, And Repayments Could Be Just $100 A Week Out Of Your Own Pocket (many times it is even less)! Find out exactly how affordable owning a property or an investment property can be (Hint: it’s MUCH less than 90% of people think)  

How An Investment Property Can Slash Years Off Your Personal Home Mortgage. Thinking of paying off your home loan before you invest? How this ‘bank brainwashing’ is devastating Australians’ ability to create wealth and to retire without worries.

We Help You Find The Right Property For Your Situation. So, you could invest anywhere in Australia (or overseas!), how and where do you even start? According to a recent report from the University of Sydney, around 68% of all property investors bought somewhere locally. In the scheme of things, this makes sense – it’s familiar, you can check on the property anytime and you’ve likely been around this area (and seen its growth) for years, but this ‘home bias’ can be one of the biggest mistakes inexperienced investors make...

The 100% Legal Property Tax Hack allowing you (and your partner) to save thousands off your tax bill EVERY SINGLE YEAR. 

How to leverage property to retire on $100,000 a year. Most Aussies rely on Super + the pension to fund their retirement…we’ll show you how savvy investors are self-funding their retirements.   

The 3-Step Process For Growing A Property Portfolio. Most Aussies get stuck at 2 (or even 1!) property…find out how to structure yourself to multiply your portfolio to 3, 5, 7, 10 or even 100 properties!

What you should never do when purchasing your first investment property. The common errors that can decimate your financial future, and put you years behind…

When Is The Right Time To Buy A Property?  NOW!

What Is The Right Mindset To Have When Buying A Property? When buying a home, about 90% of your purchasing decision will be based on emotion and only 10% on logic. This is understandable, as your personal home is where you’ll live and raise a family - It’s your sanctuary. HOWEVER - when it comes to investing, letting your heart rule your buying decision is a common trap to be avoided at all costs.

SO - What do I need to do, to get started, and ensure that I’m investing in the right property?

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