Buyers Agents

Appointing a real estate agent to represent you - the Buyer (A buyer's agent)

When you a buy a property, most people rely on the professional services that a properly licenced real estate agent can offer.

In Australia - Most real estate agents are Sellers' Agents. In this case the seller pays the agent their professional service fees to sell their property and are required by law to protect the sellers' financial interests - not the buyers!

The Good News - To Get The Best Deal

You can engage the services of a real estate Agent to represent you - The Buyer - to protect YOUR financial interests and NOT the Sellers! In this case you - the buyer - pays the real estate agent their professional service fees and they are required by law to protect your (the Buyer) interests in assisting you to buy your property and not the Sellers!

By appointing a duly licenced Qld real estate agent as your Buyers' Agent - you can be assured they will work for you. If they don't you now have an avenue to make a formal complaint to seek financial remedy.

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