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Family Owned and Based in Ipswich, South East Queensland.

We believe That Every Property Purchased By An Australian Family should be treated, firstly as an investment EVEN if you are going to live in it yourself, and secondly as a place to live for yourself or your tenants. Our core belief is that every property purchase must make sense financially FIRST! That is BEFORE it appeals to you emotionally! 

Many decades of involvement with the finance, real estate, and the financial services industries has taught us about the importance of financial education versus individual emotion when it comes to selecting the "RIGHT" home to live in or the "RIGHT" property to add to your real property portfolio to build wealth with. 

We are professional buyers' agent for our clients, and as such we offer our clients a Fixed Service Fee to act on their behalf to search and buy a new property.

No matter what your needs are, we offer you a quality professional service to help you through the entire searching, buying, or building process. That's included in our everyday standard service package - because we believe that all our clients deserve to be treated with respect.

Jeff Harlow

Jeff Harlow

Jeff's Specialty is Property Management, and putting together new investment home packages that will maximise the ROI for our clients. As a seasoned property investor himself, Jeff knows what investors are looking for from their investment properties.  

At IR Homes, we believe in taking care of our customers for their full financial life IF they want our expertise.  

IR Homes' services include all things property:- home loans, ownership structures, budgeting, cashflow management & forecasting, debt structuring, investing, superannuation, wealth, insurances, and more.  

At IR Homes we don't just assist our clients, we create a sound investment opportunity for you to move forward and make sound financial investments that will benefit you and your family in the future. 

Allan Pearson

Allan Pearson

Allan's specialty is Research and Sales, and putting together deals that work! He can put together a home package that will maximise the ROI for our clients whether they are investors or owner-occupiers.  

As a seasoned property investor himself, Allan knows what investors are looking for from their investment properties.  

Allan has been active in the Ipswich and Tasmanian property markets since 1996 as a homeowner, property investor and buyer’s advocate. Unlike many buyers’ agents Allan’s background is an Agricultural Farmer (cotton, lucerne hay, row crops, broadacre crops, and small crops) who leased his first acreage in the Callide Valley in 1974 to grow dryland cotton and barley. Over the years Allan purchased his own home in Queensland and Tasmania and accumulated a portfolio of investment residential and commercial properties.  

Allan has developed a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understands many of the challenges that buyers face, and, more importantly, how they can be overcome.


IR Homes - Imagine Your New Home Here

Our Model of Business includes Buyers Agency and Affiliate sales.

Affiliate selling is where you can work with us as part of IR Homes, or, you can refer clients to us and get rewarded for all settled sales.  

Our Team's Products Include:

  • New Homes
  • Established Homes 
  • Rental Homes 
  • House and Land Packages 
  • Investment Property 
  • Property Management Services 
  • Home Loans - and if needed up to 100% finance to suitable applicants 
  • Financial Plans 
  • Personal Spending Plans 
  • Conveyancing / Legal  

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