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IR HOMES is an Ipswich Owned business that operates primarily in the South East Queensland area including Brisbane, Greater Brisbane, and Southern Queensland Areas. As buyers agents we are employed by YOU the purchaser and act on YOUR behalf to source, evaluate, and negotiate the purchase of residential real estate.  

Our clients are everyday home buyers and investors who are looking to purchase family homes, or build an investment property portfolio.

The team at IR HOMES understand the difficulties and challenges that South East Queensland buyers experience during the searching and purchase processes. 

  • Am I buying in the right area? 
  • What type of property should I purchase? 
  • Am I paying too much? 
  • Can I afford it? 
  • Can I trust what the agent is telling me? 
  • Are there really other offers? 
  • What happens if... I lose my job; if interests rates rise; or I get bad tenants?  

By engaging IR HOMES as YOUR buyers' agent, you will gain the confidence to purchase your own dream home or investment ready property. 

We will listen to your needs and use our knowledge; experience; and diligent research to find properties that best suit your requirements. Our strong negotiating skills will mean that you will never pay too much. Our attention to detail will guide you through the contract period until settlement. Our tailored services will make the experience hassle free and give you your weekends back. Our enthusiasm for property is infectious!  

We look forward to working with you today and well into the future.


How much would you pay in order to save time and money (e.g. $10,000-50,000) on the purchase price; end up with a quality home or investment property that meets your individual needs; and not have to spend every weekend looking at homes, or talking to real-estate agents?

Our Guarantee - A Fixed Price Buyers’ agent professional service fee: Total cost $8,800 inc GST  

Fixed Price includes:  

  • IR HOMES full buyers agent fees and service*
  • for a property purchase in South East Queensland
  • for a purchase price up to $1,000,000  

*The full service includes searching for and evaluating properties, negotiating the purchase price and contract conditions, and managing the settlement process.  

Our Buyers' Agent Professional Service Fee is made in 2 installments:  

  • An Engagement Fee of $5,500 inc GST at the time of appointment. This amount is non refundable if you ultimately choose not to purchase a property.
  • A Success Fee of $3,300 inc GST paid when your purchase contact becomes unconditional. No success fee is payable if you decide not to proceed with the purchase.


IR Homes Buyers Agent

Our Model of Business includes Buyers Agency and Affiliate sales.

Affiliate selling is where you can work with us as part of IR Homes, or, you can refer clients to us and get rewarded for all settled sales.  

Our Team's Products Include:

  • New Homes
  • Established Homes 
  • Rental Homes 
  • House and Land Packages 
  • Investment Property 
  • Property Management Services 
  • Home Loans - and if needed up to 100% finance to suitable applicants 
  • Financial Plans 
  • Personal Spending Plans 
  • Conveyancing / Legal  

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