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We are Property Buyers' Business Coaches &/or Licenced Buyers' Agents  


We understand that at the end of the day, it is about return on your dollar and we will work with you to source the best location for your project as well as the most cost-effective home-design from our broad range of quality suppliers to meet or exceed your expectations.  

It's never been easier to start loving your new lifestyle with an IR Homes Quality HOME & LAND package ready for you to move in... FIND OUT MORE ... contact us at or call: 1300 8178 73 today.  

What we can do for you.  

1. We provide quality property investment education, mentoring, research, property investment, and other property buying services. We'll educate you, motivate you, and show you how to get the very best returns whilst minimizing your risks with property investing whether as an investor or as a owner occupier.  

2. When you a buy a property, you may want to use the services of afully qualified real estate agent. Real estate agents most often represent sellers, but you can still hire one to be a buyer’s agent. We use the same forms to appoint us as your buyers' agent just like you would to appoint us when selling your property. Same forms, same protections, same dispute resolution services, etc. see:  

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Your Property Success Journey starts with a phone call!

Unless we have already met, your first contact with us will be our discovery call. There are a few questions we will ask but the most important is “Why have you chosen to use us?”   After you schedule your call, we will confirm it via email. I look forward to talking and maybe even working with you, if we have compatable values.


Let’s start with a call and see where it takes us.

We have two rules.

  1. No time wasting - I will tell you upfront if I am not the right coach or buyers' agent for you.
  2. Be prepared – If I am the right coach, have your diary ready so we can lock in a slot.

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